Jul 29, 2010

Book Review: 79 Park Avenue by Harold Robbins

Mister, some girls are born to be wives, but i was born for THIS!"
She was beautiful, voluptous and alluring. You might think she was an actress or a model.But the cops could tell you what she really was: a prostitute with a record, a call girl who liked her work. she had known more men than she could remember. but there were a few she would never forget: her stepfather who started her on her way; Ross Drego, a racketeer who was willing to pay any price for her; and especially Mike Keyes who prosecuted her in court -- and was the only man she ever loved.

This is probably one of the best literary classic i've ever read... One of the most brilliant and heartbreaking story has ever made.

I've read this way back in college and was amazed at Harold Robbins' literary expertise. I've cried a river reading this thinking how could one girl turn her darkest days in an opportunity to flourish her forced career; and one guy, despite the odds, remained intact with his feelings for her. Tears will surely flood.

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