Aug 24, 2010


Aug 23 2010

Wow! It’s been more than a week since I was out of job. And it’s just amazing how I was able to keep up.

As everybody of my closest friends knows, I hate doing household chores. I never pictured myself doing the dished, washing clothes and cleaning the house—though I’d rather do those than cook.

Don’t get me wrong. I wasn’t born with a golden spoon on my mouth. I know what to do and how to do it—except cooking—and I occasionally do it especially when mama and daddy are blowing red smoke on their noses. Hahahahah. :p

But since I’m no useful in bringing in some moolah to the family, I have no choice but bend and obligingly do the work!

I remember cleaning up the double deck in my room. It took me a whole day in sorting out clothes and junk and trash on that bed. I still had to scrub the dust off that left me sneezing all through out! Good thing I didn’t had asthma attack!
The funny thing was that the next day, I’m running a low grade fever. Dahil daw kase naglinis ako sabi mi mama… hahahahah!!!

But then we had to prepare the house for Bryan’s birthday so my family—including me! had to do general cleaning. Oh boy! It almost broke my back! We had to load and unload stuffs in the house! I almost ask my mom to give me her N95 mask because I couldn’t stop sneezing and I know I would look ridiculous in those!

The only consolation was I get to lie down the floor without thinking about dust that will stick to my back and the red ants that will leave me with nasty red blotches that would take weeks before it fades.

Mothers, housewives and maids have serious responsibilities at home. If my home—this size—is hard enough to clean, what more about those people who have gigantic houses? Uuuhhhggg! Thinking about it makes me sick.

My opinion is still and will be the same. I still don’t like doing household chores!

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