Aug 24, 2010

Family: Bryan’s 19th Birthday Celebration: It’s chaotic and downright exhausting!

August 21 was one event that some of my friends and family waited for—thinking they’ll be able to rub elbows with their fave jocks and rookies.

But sorry to say guys! He’s got other plans!

So after the game, (which they won against UST and thankful enough that he made 8 points!) he and his girlfriend, Tricia went home to celebrate with us thinking it would be just a normal birthday celebration. But then his ginormous volume of friends from the kapitbahays down to the high school friends came to celebrate with us.

It was just a simple house party with food and booze everywhere. I hear loud screams, endless laughs and bottles clinking as the night went on.

I wanted to drink that night but since my very sweet and good friends STOOD ME UP on the last minute, (maybe because she’s fat the last time I saw her and the other is too scared to travel here—knowing her!) I just satisfied my self with one bottle of beer.

But preparing for more or less thirty people is really exhausting—I’d say on our side. We had to do general cleaning, groceries and ingredient preparation in just one week. We don’t have house help so it’s just me, my mom and my tita who’s been in charge of the slicing, dicing shredding the ingredients. Thank goodness I didn’t cut a finger but I did burn my self with garlic! My thumb really hurts.

But then the occasion brought fun memories to my parents and especially to the birthday boy. Though we didn’t had enough hands to cover everything… thank God we were able to survive the night—I mean the whole duration of the party.

Still… it’s chaotic and downright exhausting!

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