Aug 10, 2010

Fashion: Fashion For Less>>Ukay!!!

Year 2006 was the first time ukay ukay was introduced to me. and i was never a fan of it. just the thought of rummaging racks and racks of used clothing makes me wanna sneeze.

but because its recession, everybody's concern about saving more money and spending less.

so i tried it! and boy! it was rewarding! there are some pieces that are unique that you cant find in local hip stores in manila and some designer clothing and shoes that's a fraction of the price.

i've wore this dress for our 2009 christmas party. it was a retro themed party and it cost me around $3 so it was a steal!

this black bolero/cardigan was given to me by ate lenie. it has a V strapped design at the back and has gold plated buttons on the front. she got this from an ukay--i dont know where. she knew i love boleros/cardigans and knitted jackets.

there are also some ukay ukay mishaps i've experienced.

one was when i saw a black Steve Madden killer pumps in black satin that costs less than $10 but i ended up not buying it and told myself that if i come back after a few days and it's still there... its for me! but obviously its not because it was gone after a few days along with the Baby Phat peep toe killer booties.

second was i sneeze all the way through and ended up having an asthma attack.

so everytime i visit an ukay ukay, i always bring a hanky and water with me. i also wear comfy shoes because you have to stand long periods of time so as to prevent blisters... ouch!

Patience and keen eye is the key to a rewarding purchase in this kind of cheap fashion. :p


  1. I heart Ukay too :) The thing is to buy P500+ then shamelessly haggle. When you shop when there aren't a lot of people around, it means business is slow, and they're more likely to give into discount request.

  2. @styleme22... yes i've noticed that. and it really is a steal if you find one of a kind pieces or designer apparel at an affordable and super reasonable prices...


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