Jan 17, 2011


i wanted to have 8 hours of sleep before my shift starts because it really sucks when all you have to do is to listen during discussion and you cant help but doze off.

so i tried sleeping during the day and end up waking up three hours early before my alarm. and the worst part was that i have headache because of over sleeping. so i asked mom to give me paracetamol to relieve the pain... good thing its gone.

and so i have to wrack my brains out on what to wear tonight. you see im not a fan of smart casual dress code. i hate wearing slacks. but duty calls for it so i have no choice.

i had been thinking about various things that's happening in my life right now... i realized that im loosing track. im not focused anymore. i need to go back to basics. Go back to God. i have confidence in myself that i will be able to pull this thing through... but i have GREATER CONFIDENCE with God who's making a path to life better than what i have for my self...

so nyt... i have to prepare for my shift and it takes alot of time to fix my hair. (this really sucks)

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