Jan 25, 2011

i love my parents!

im busy sitting in front of my desktop while listening to my favorite korean soundtrack when my mom asked me to do something for her because she has to go out and buy some ingredient for our dinner.. then i realized... my life is way better than anybody else because i was blessed by God to having parents like them.

my mom... though not perfect...is the most "maasikasong mom" in the whole world... she would follow us--me and bryan just to make sure we have what we need. i remember those times when she would carry me across the hallway because i was running a high fever and delirious. i was already in high school at that time.imagine how big i am during those times.

my dad... though not an ideal dad by any man's standard, has his own way of loving and caring for us... i remember those times when i was in 5th grade and he would still cut my fingernails for me. he would take time in waking up in the middle of the night because he will accompany me on my way to work. and when i ask him to cook for me... he would... because he knew i couldnt and wouldnt learn how to cook.

my only regret was that i always answer back--especially to my mom... if i'd been the one to be asked venus raj's question on last year's miss universe, i'd say my biggest mistake was answering back to my mom and dad :) but i'm working on it.... i try hard not to... so i hope i wont.

though there are times that we fight and others might think i have a "dysfunctional family"... i'd still choose them even on my next life :)

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