Jan 24, 2011

TV: Secret Garden... My Latest Craze ♥

secret garden... my latest obsession. its a romantic/comedy/fantasy that was aired in korean starting november last year and just ended last week.

The drama has a power house cast. Ha Ji Won of Memories of Bali and Hyun Bin of Kim Samsoon as the lead actors. Yoon Sang Hyun of My Fair Lady was also there as Yyun Bin's cousin in the drama and Kim Sa Rang... the villain turned nice which i recently found out that she was a former Miss Korea 2000? (sorry not sure which year)

One thing I noticed... Koreans are suckers for romantic stuff... They have this ridiculous ideas on how to make "kilig" scenes and it never fail to capture the viewers.

I love the sit up scene.. I almost dropped from my chair when I saw that and tears started to show since I couldnt shout(mom will be surprised :). Oh yeah and the foamy kiss is really good. I didnt know it would be so freakin romantic.

I also love Kim Sarang's character... she played Yoon Seul, a CF director (sorry but I dont know what CF means :), she was driven by her hate and her eagerness to let Oska(Yoon Sang Hyun)feel the way she felt when they're still lovers. I thought at the first few episode her character would be very shallow just like the usual Korean villain... but I was wrong... There's a twist where she made a few kick ass lines...

No matter how common a woman is, she can be a queen. No matter how noble she is, she can be a maid. Depending on how she is treated by the man she loves.

But one of the most heartfelt lines that I read on the drama was about the Little Mermaid:

The little mermaid looked at the prince sadly. She jumped into the sea, became thousand bubbles and vanished :(

I cried a river because of that scene... It was sooo freakin heart wrenching to watch Joo Won(Hyun Bin) cried. He really love Gil Ra Im(Ha Ji Won) soo much!

I super love the OST of that drama... i wish we can do that here as well :) Yoon Sang Hyun has great voice! He even sang a song for the OST... same with Hyun Bin who made a male version of Baek Ji Young's "That Woman".

And the house and set location was superb! i found my dream couch because of that!

There are tons of things I have in mind about the drama and i wouldn't be able to finish this in one night. So I suggest you just watch it. Hhhmmmm... who would be the first one to have the rights to this program here?

*i dont take credit for the pics i have here :)


  1. tamaaah.. Yoon Seul's character is a kick-ass biatch.. i super like the love story about her & OSKA.. sna cla nalang bida.. LMAO!!!

  2. hello!!! i like GRI and KJW better!!!!

  3. NOOO EFFIN' WAAAAY! the over-all story was OK, but twas a sad story 4 me, considering what happened with her MIL, their love story was cute, BUT i don't believe in FATE, coz 4 me everything is a CHOICE.. i dont find it realistic maybe that's why i don't appreciate it that much.. peace ^____^V

    but twas a fun and sweet drama to watch, definitely recommended..

  4. CF = commercial film! :) im loving it too!


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