Mar 9, 2011


Don’t allow your Job to cause you to fall into depression. Work your Job don’t let it work you.

i wont go without a fight…. i wont. i might have lost the deserving power you’ve given me but i will fight a good fight.

i’ve taken things for granted and let my guard down and slacked of… yes i admit that. and now things had become hard for me right now… i wont go without a fight… i wont let it affect me… i wont… its just work… its just work

i’ll fight a good fight…

before i sleep with peace and i will wake up with peace because… it’s only my mind that’s keeping me in getting what i want….

its easy to let go… promise… it’s easy to let go… and i wont even bat an eyelash… but im not a quitter… i dont quit so easily (and i have to smile at that)


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