Jun 11, 2011

Happy Birthday Jen!!!

One of my dear friend, Jennifer just celebrated her birthday last June 7. I think she just turned 24 this year... sorry I'm a bad friend :p

We ought to be couple more than three but as always they decided to ditch because of "other" responsibilities... such as having kids, hahahahah!!!!

So as always... Anna and I are consistently together through thick and thin... They're my Godly sisters and I love how we always able to keep up with the friendship after all these years.

So our first stop was at Savory Restaurant at Megamall and we ordered our fave Shanghai Rolls. They're the best when it comes to these recipe and it's so freakin' yummy!!! We ordered a bunch but i wasn't able to take photos. After the food was served, we already digged... hahahahha!!!

The celebrant who blows the candle on the first cake which coincidentally was doubled because Anna and I bought two different cakes. :)

We headed to Starbucks right after and were later joined by Rx who made a lewd make out scene with Jen... hahaha!!!!

The "Public Make Out Scene"...

The very busy me!

In fact I was contemplating whether I come or not but in the end I was glad that I did. It's one of those rare moments when we would get together. So till the next occasion!

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