Jun 17, 2011

I Miss School..........

I was at Manila later this afternoon because I had to do something. And so had I to drop by Morayta and I saw the pool of students filling the streets of Recto and Morayta. Some are in white and most of them are in FEU PE uniforms... hahahha!!!

How I wish I could go back to school where everything was the same... equal clothes... equal schedules and equal opportunities. I miss those days where I only have to worry about my assignments, case studies, NCP's, exams that I had to study and preparing my things for tomorrow's class and duty and of course... my grades.

My college years wasn't exactly as exciting as what I see right now with most college students. I was geeky and I can totally say that i looked way much better right now than before... ahahahahahahhaha!!!!

But if I could... I want to go back again and relive the experience and maybe excel in everything :)

My Clinical Graduation!!!

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