Jul 24, 2011

49 Days

I'm no good at writing reviews and this is my attempt to write something with substance. So enough with the introduction.

The Plot: Ji Hyun is just a few days away before her wedding when she had a car accident. Since her death is untimely, The Scheduler (or some says The Reaper) gave her a chance to go back to her body on one condition: In 49 days she had to get 3 tear drops of people who truly love her outside her immediate family. And for her to do that, she mys possess Yi kyung's body. On her journey she was able to uncover many dark secrets and was able to know the true colors of those people around her.

The Verdict: I absolutely love it!There are so many twist and turns with this drama. It wasn't boring. Each and every character is interrelated and they are all driven with one strong emotion on different variations. This drama kept me at the edge of my seat and it was so unpredictable that you'll find yourself fascinated on how did the writers were able to insert everything in place in keen details.

The writers were able to give distinct emotions to each characters and was able to define and relate it and make it inter related that end up in a tangled relationship of love, deceit and greed.

I would also like to say that the producers did a great job in selecting the cast. Lee Yo Won both had good chemistry with the lead actor, Jo Hyun Jae and Jung Il Woo, The Scheduler.

One of the things I liked about the drama was Ji Hyun's fashion. So preppy and it suited her personality.

Love her head piece... ♥♥♥

i wouldn't identify her style related to Blair Waldorf but she was preppy in her own right. Thanks to the stylist!

I also love The Scheduler's ringtone!!! Freakin' hilarious!!!! I already made it my SMS ringtone. :)

pictures and video not mine......

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  1. I love the ending... its kinda weird but I love it... LYW was able to separate 2 characters. Well Done :)


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