Jul 16, 2011

Maybeline Clear Smooth Minerals BB Cream

Well this product really worked wonders on my face. It hides those spots you don't want others to notice--and when I say 'notice', I mean to say that it's near invisible. 

One shade fits all! So I don't have to be in choosing the right shade.

I'm no pro when it comes to make up products and all I know are the basics. So this is how i use this: 

1. Moisturizer
2. Maybeline Clear Smooth Minerals BB Cream
3. Loose Powder

I get a lot of great reviews about BB creams in general. I was hoping to try a Korean brand but it's kinda pricey. This Maybeline brand is really affordable and I got great results!

I'm no make up lover or make up fanatic but a girl just gotta have one when the situation calls for it, right?

I hear mineral make up are much better than the regular make up and I hope I get to try it real soon... ♥♥♥

Disclaimer: The pic's not mine. flash bulb's too shiny for not time shot. credit: crazy4mac.onsugar.com


  1. magkano naman yan affordable na iyan?

  2. Its less than 300 pesos compare to other korean brands. so its much more affordable

  3. hello!!! compared sa mga korean brands e di hamak na mas mura to mare... five and up hush kaya sila. chaka ok sya sa skin... yung iba kase nanganagte ako... peo dito hindi... heheheh


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