Jul 8, 2011

the takoyaki experience

Samurai Takoyaki
Out of the blue I began to crave for my fave coffee brand and then found myself wandering the mall later this afternoon despite the heavy pouring outside (good thing Daddy's kind enough to drive me to the nearest mall). Of course I did get my coffee and my taste buds led me to the supermarket section and indulge myself to my fave Takoyaki! Yum!

It was my Tita Azon who first introduced mo to Takoyaki. At first I didn't like it... It has this awful spice that didn't really appeal to the taste of youngsters. But then years passed and I got older and decided to try it out one more time... and oh boy! I was so into it!

I like it when it's super hot it'll burn your mouth.

There are other brands who offer Takoyaki but I don't have the courage to try it out. I got accustomed to the Samurai's taste so I don't have the guts to try others.  I don't really know the authenticity of the taste because I haven't been to Japan--where the recipe originated, but  so far this Samurai brand is by far the best in town.


  1. waaa fave ko din yan as in superrr! un ibang brand lasang harina, yuck! the best tlg ang SAMURAI! nu b yng post mo, naglaway naman ako! haha :)

  2. kaya nga reluctant akong mag try ng ibang brand eh... hahahah!!! super love ko din siya mare....


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