Aug 16, 2011

Desert Alert! KKK: Pinoy Food Revolution... ♥♥♥

KKK is a fine dining Filipino Restaurant that serve to famous Filipino dishes. But it's not the main dishes I was able to try but their deserts. And oh Boy! I wasn't disappointed!

We had the Bibingka and it was served hot with muscovado on the sides. It was topped with salted egg and once you take a bite it was rich and tasty. Kidding aside... I was speechless because it's really really really great! I even ordered for my parents at home!
Enjoying My Share of Bibingka! Yum!

The next one was the Choco Overload topped with ice cream! Actually that was Jame's order. And he loved it of course.

Mine's the Kofi Jello with Peanut Ice Cream. At first I found it bitter but then Lei told me I was eating it the wrong way! I should eat it with the ice cream not just the jelly. So there... I enjoyed it since I was craving for a coffee. A great substitute!

The place is neat. The ambiance is great. Perfect for family dinner and cozy date... hahahah!!! Let's see if I could persuade boyfriend to eat here.

Their unisex toilet is clean with ample suplly of tissue for the ladies.

The service is really fast and the crews are friendly and so is the Restaurant Manager which happens to be Lei's hubby, Jun. 
Busog Much!
sisies! heheheheh
Jun, James and Lei
 It was a positive experience for us and very promising too! I'm sure there will be a 2.0 version for this resto and I'm sure going to try their Pinakbet and Sinigang na Lechon. 

Can't wait for pay day!
special thanks to Lei and Jun!

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