Aug 13, 2011

Lunch @ Luk Yuen

Compared to my last draggy Saturday, today's the extreme opposite. I did therapy early in the morning then meet up with the girls for lunch and watch brother's game in the afternoon. Kinda exhausting since I'm feeling terribly sick. :(

Photo Credit
But thank Goodness to Luk Yuen in Megamall. Though its another Chinese resto at least it had a different taste compared to our usual eating place (savory... has become un-savory for my palate).
Beef Bento

The the meal was superb! Mine was this beef bento. It consist of some sort of vegetable siomai and one of the best tasting Canton aside from Aristocrat. It had free Orange Mango Gelatine (not pictured).

 I always go for sweet and sour in every Chinese restaurant I go to but now... seeing the picture made my mouth water. and I wasn't disappointed!
Beef Brisket
Baby had beef brisket supposedly for her bebekels. I think it taste just the same as mine.

Beef Wanton

Jen had beef wanton and quail siomai since she didnt want something so 'heavy'. She was complaining that she and her brother already ate at Mc Donalds while waiting for us.
Alexia... Savoring Her Watermelon Shake ♥
The Besties
Coincidentally, we had the same craving for beef . 
Till next lunch date!

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