Aug 19, 2011


Food! Food! Food!

Out of the blue my friends and I decided to eat shawarma. So we headed to Tri Mo SHAWARMA Co in Lagro to sample their treats since I kept hearing great reviews about the food.
Aside from the famous shawarma, they also have inihaws like isaw and all that stuff. Oh well, I don't eat isaw. But based on my friends it's a winner.
The Shawarma was big... bigger than the one that I had last time. It's beef are flaky and it's filled with cucumber and white onions and tomatoes. The pita bread is thin and the hot sauce is soo freakin hot my mouth got burned.. hahahah!!!
This sizzling shawarma was mixed with fried egg and pita strips. 

The Verdict:
I will give it an OK grade. I like my pita bread thicker. And I wish the beef wasn't too flaky. 

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