Sep 14, 2011

Accessory Haven... Morayta

When I think of bargain accesories, Morayta is the first place that comes to my mind. I dont know why, maybe because I used to study at the school across the street or going to Divisoria's too hassle for me to reach.
I wanted to buy a baller but I want FEU written on it :)
These headbands' perfect for my korean hair... ahahah!!!

Anyway, Morayta probably has the most stylish accessories for college students that will go perfectly fine to whatever uniforms we have. 

Annoying bangs will be sorted out by these fancy clips. :)
A Very Rainy Afternoon for the Tamaraws

And since I was there last Friday, I took full advantage of it! haggle baby haggle!!!

for my korean hair... hahahaha!!!!
nice :p

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