Sep 8, 2011

Sneakers and Skater Shoes

Chucks and Vans are probably the best laid back shoes ever made. It's the shoes that saves me from blisters when I walk around the metro. It's the shoes that will never give me sprained ankle like those sky high heels. And the best part of it, it never goes out of style... :)

This is from Vans... I got it as a present last year. I love it because it looked like cut out rags and I find it playful though the color schemes kinda gloomy...

This was my first ever Chucks with my hard earned cash and I still love it though it looked so dirty. The dirt added more character to it... hahahah!!!!

The third and fourth... It's a steal! I got it on sale so.... happy!!! :)

Even if I'm on my fifties it'll never go out of my style... 

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