Nov 22, 2011

Breaking Dawn Part 1

Forever is just the Beginning...
Pak! Pak! Pak!
Among all of the Twilight movies... the Twilight and Breaking Dawn's by far are the best.

I love the whole wedding scene... especially the vows when they played "Flightless Bird, American Mouth..."
I cried a river (exaggerated) because of that. 
And the honeymoon? Ahem... scorching hot!
Edward looks like the same Edward on the first Twilight.
I love Carter Burwell's music... its like reliving the romance all over again.

The movies very romantic at the start and then steamy and then all gore... hahahah!!! But I love it!
Kristen's make up was so real that you'll feel awful looking at her.... 
Uggh... I seriously need to read my Breaking Dawn Book again... heheheheh...

And if I may add... Taylor Lautner's hunk of a body's to die for.. hehhehehe!!!! I seriously want to have a boyfriend just like him... (ooops! soory krimi♥♥♥)

Raw Pictures.... Wasnt Able to Edit Before Posting :(
I am obviously crazy about this whole Twilight thing but i seriously can't understand why it got PG 13 when I personally think it's not a movie a 13 year old kid should watch... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ #justsayin :))
Karir Mode :)) feeling part of the Entourage :))
Corny na kung corny! Wa  pakels!!! Magpapapicture kami... hehehehehhe
BFF's :))
Can't wait for the Part 2! Can't wait to see Bella's Beauty :)


  1. It was quite good! My boyfriend came with me and didn't even complain!

    Fashion Dawgs

  2. Good for you! Some guys are not into the twilight thing... :)


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