Dec 7, 2011

Allue My First... Preety Cheeks in Pink Delish

This is my budget friendly blush because its only P85 and its exclusively found at HBC Stores. I like the color because it gives me that 'virginal' kind of cheeks and its Hypoallergenic so it doesn't give me pimples.

Well if you're going to ask for it's life span, hmmm... I don't know because most of the time i tend to rub my cheeks so I really can't answer that. 

And since spending for a high-end brand is way out of my league, I think I'd settle for this at the moment... hehehehe


  1. I love your product reviews, mare ko! :) Keep it up!!

  2. heheh every penny counts... so budget friendly muna tayo... saka na pag mayaman na heheheh


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