Jan 4, 2012

2012: Me! Only Better!

OK... So how should I start this?

When it comes to goals in life, I'm the number one rule breaker. I'm not the law unto myself. I live a happy go lucky life--bad right?

So it's time to set some goal and develop new habits.

Cliche as it may sound...

Here's my 2012 New Years Resolution:

1. Spiritual
Church on Sunday's the only wake up call I always receive every week (pwera na lang kung hindi ako nagchurch noon-which I did 1st day of the year... huhuu) and so it is my goal for me to have a deeper and meaningful relationship with God. (I'M CHRISTIAN, BTW) And so when you re committed, it also means that you have to spend and invest your time. Don't Spend Time, Invest It!

2. Financial
I SERIOUSLY need to clean up my act. Paying off my credit card debts and personal loans is my number one priority right now. Well... tithing is my top most. Saving is also part of it. I realize that as I get older, the need of saving account is very vital these days. It will save your ass off. And it will teach you to be more independent.

3. Love
Of course I have my ideals and standards too. Who doesn't want to marry well, right? Well, I'm done with all the crushes and teeny bopper thingy. Gosh! I'm 25 and I'm so over it! And so I want Long Term Relationship, Security (Emotional and Financial) and he should be someone with the same Faith as I am. We should have a common goal and aspirations in life too. Someone who will not just be my Boyfriend or Husband, but someone who will be my partner in life. We should be working as a team and will build our dreams together... (sound's cheesy? nah...)

4. Family
At the latter part of last year i realized that I'm being selfish with my family. My dreams are only just for myself and they're not included. So this year I'll try to be more family oriented and establish a common goal with my parents and brother.

5. Career
Sadly... this is another part of my life that's stagnant for so long. Career wise I'm down the drain. Now I find myself hopping from one company to another. In five years I've been to five companies--imagine that? So right now the Lord has granted me to keep day job and I'm starting to feel the REAL pressure. But I will keep it. I will. 
Nursing is also something that I need to focus. I keep on putting it off... Basta!

6. Health
It's like... my weakest point... I don't know... I'm into science field but I'm afraid of doctors... and lab test... It's something that I really need to consider.

I've already wasted five years of my life chasing the wind and I don't want to add another day to that. I don't want to look back and say to myself I wish I've done this or that.

Well... everything depends upon me... so... I'm not just hoping for the better. I'm also working my freaking ass off for the BEST.

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