Jan 8, 2012

City Hunter

I have nothing but praises for this Korean series. I'm not a fan of Action Drama but because of this it really changed my perception with the whole thing. The story was beautifully written. I literally jumped at the edge of my seat as each episode ends. Even if it's not Lee Min Ho for the lead role, the series will still be a hit.

Speaking of, Lee Min Ho sheds his pretty boy next door image for this role. It's my first time to watch his drama and I'm impressed. It's a good stepping stone to a more mature kind of role.

And Oh! If I may add, the kiss that he and Park Min Young shared in this series was kinda passionate (I find Korean on-screen lip-locking kinda dull, sorry...)
Hot Right? :))
I was texting my cousin Elle, I said I think I'm in love with Lee Min ho... sagot ba naman sakin... "Pakyu... Sakin Xa! hahahahah!!!"

O Sige... sayo na! :))))))


  1. WOW thats jun pyo from BOF?? I can't imagine him being a bad ass, I should check it out! thanks for the rechommendation!

    <3 zoe

  2. Its a must see. I swear youll look at him in a different way after watching this drama. I'm a little late in watching this but Im glad I did. It's better late than never :)


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