Jan 2, 2012

December: The Party Month :)

December's like the ultimate party month. It's where you'll fine all sorts of gatherings and reunions--name it, we have it. :))
Though it's money draining, it's the treasured moments that really counts.
Dinner with Elementary Friends :)

While everyone is forgetting their diet and indulge themselves of all the cravings food has to offer, I find myself wondering why my belly's getting bigger and bigger but my weight's still the same... hmmm
Indulge your cravings... for Pasta and Pizza @ Yellow Cab

I was ready to tear my hair out with boredom on Christmas Day. Good thing I'm blessed with my on-call friends ready to rescue me.. :)
Enteng ng Ina Mo with my Girlfriends :)

This is what I like with this team... We love to eat and drink(sila lang... heheh). 
Team Ed's Christmas Party :)

Our much awaited rendezvous with Jaja... I missed her and she got all those hear stopping chikas... :)
Reunion with Jaja :)

The High School version of Christmas Dinner? :))
Caught Wearing The Same Shirt Twice!

I thought this one's not possible. Thank God for my Family :)
Greetings from my Family :p
Haha!! I didn't know that she drank all by herself :)
Our not so exciting after party.. Two heads are better than one kase e... hihi
I have low tolerance in wearing high heels so my trustee flipflops to the rescue!!!

Oh Well... another fruitful year had passed. I have nothing but good things in my life and I thank God for the gift of life and family and friends...

Looking Forward to the Bright Future :)

Happy 2012

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