Jan 30, 2012

Gong Cha

Finally! After roaming Megamall for three consecutive days I was able to grab one of these tasty Milk Tea's that's becoming popular nowadays. I don't really know where Gong Cha originated but I guess I'm the person who's ready to try out anything concerning food.

I've always been a fan of Milk Tea ever since I tasted Chowking's Nai Cha. So there goes the curious little lady in me, who despite being late on my Sunday Church managed to squeeze in some time and endure the long line of customers wanting to get a taste of authentic Gong Cha drink. 
I ordered Milk Tea with Pearl Jelly (Large P95)--well, originally it was herbal jelly because I don't like the pearl Jelly but then it was out of stock so I had to settle for this one. 
The taste: I must say that it's nothing exceptional. It's like the expensive version of Nai Cha from Chowking.

But then my friend Jhen, she ordered Gong Cha Winter Melon Tea (Medium P80) and it was surprisingly very tasty-- in fact it's super tasty mauumay ako. So I wish I've just ordered the same. 
Milk Tea w/ Pearl Jelly and Gong Cha Winter Melon Tea
You also have the option sugar content on your drink. Mine's the regular one since I'm not on a sugar diet. :))
Though I'm a bit disappointed with my first Gong Cha experience I'm sure I'll be coming back to try Gong Cha Milk Green Tea. Good thing they have a branch in North Edsa. :)

Please Visit their website for their branches.


  1. hahaha!! sabi ko na nga ba eh.. dapat sinabi mo sakin para nagpalit tayo.. ok lang namn sakin kahit ano hehehe..

  2. that's ok mare. I'm gonna try their other teas. good thing they have a branch in SM North Edsa... :)


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