Jan 25, 2012

Lord Thank You for Your Blessings Even Though I'm Not Deserving :)

Just another day in "paradise"...

Friends and I were all over Malate to look for opportunities and we ended up having blisters on our feet and back aching from long walks under the sun. (I don't know if we smell Araw. Yuck!)
Caramel Frap will do... for the meantime :)
But After a long days walk we rewarded ourselves with a great tasting coffee from Starbucks. I originally wanted to try the Valencia coffee but for some reasons it's out of stock three times in a row. Kinda frustrating because I went to different Starbucks and they all have the same reasons! Anyway I ended up ordering my fave Caramel Frappuccino.

I didn't had any sleep last night much as a want to so I had no choice but to prepare early for our rendezvous. So this is me, dozing off on one of the comfy couches available... Thank God for that power nap, I was able to stroll Robinson's Place Manila for another 2 hours none-stop.
But the days isn't a waste after all. I received--actually WE received a great news that will probably save our asses for a few more weeks. Oh God! Thank you for all the blessing even though I am not worthy. :))

We even grabbed Bread Talk's Pizza Bread before we went home. Seriously I'm addicted to these... So yummy!
Pizza Bread
Now I'm at home all drained with a bit of sleep and with a feeling of being sick... ugh! This sucks! But I still need to watch City Hunter, though. I cant afford to miss it. :)

Oh well... I think I'll have a very long day tomorrow... still contemplating between Jown's offer and watching brother's game...

Hoping when I open my eyes tomorrow I'll be feeling better... :)

Good Vibes... nothing but Good Vibes :)

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