Jan 18, 2012

Marithé + François Girbaud Wallet

I seem to be a fan of color red right now. Red shoes... red bags... and now a red wallet.

Well, It's my first time to try Marithé + François Girbaud and my first to splurge P1000 on a wallet. (Yes it's expensive for me! And it's on SALE pa a!) I always get mine given by friends and sometimes I buy the cheap ones. I really don't think spending this much is really worth the price. But then sometimes you out grow some beliefs--may it be good or bad.

Quality wise I think this brand will be very sturdy especially to someone like me who tends to throw things on my bag without thinking... hahah! Plus I get good reviews from friends who already had the taste of this brand.
This will probably my last splurge for the next three of months... and i don't regret it. I'll expect to use this for the next couple of years... Hope to feed this little thingy with lots and lots of moolah! hahahahah
Out of the blue I woke up and said to myself... "I want to have a new wallet similar to Kim Nana of City Hunter.." and so there goes the impulsive buyer in me :))

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