Jan 25, 2012

My Korean Love Affair...

I started my Korean love affair back in 2000 when I watched All About Eve in Phoenix Channel with my cousin Elle. There's no subtitles and they're dubbed in Chinese and so we don't have any choice but to rely on their body language and assumpting whatever that is happening on the show. (hayuk lang talaga sa lovestory nila JDG at Chae Rim, that's why!)
Nothing Beats Your First Love. By far the BEST Drama ever!
I was so addicted to the show that I even dreamt of downloading a copy of  "True Love"(the opening theme of the drama). It took me like 3-4 years before I was able to find a copy of that song. I even had it taped (using VHS) just for me to be able to hear the song over and over again... and also to reminisce the "kilig" factor. hihihi...

Then came 2003. That's when ABSCBN ventured on Chinese Drama and that's when all other Oriental Dramas(Korean and Japanese) came in. And now... even Thai movies are quite popular in the metro... (akalain mo yon?)

They make real good MV's (very emotional especially the ballad songs) and I became addicted to their movies also. That's when I came to know BooHwal (부활), BoA, and Lee Soo Young and all the likes.
just a sample :)
Fashion wise, I was introduced to the Fob Style by Soompi.  I didn't dressed the part, though. But I love their sense of style which is sometimes so outrageous that I don't think it'll be acceptable in Manila. :))

Beauty... Hmm... the closest one I've got was the BB Cream where it became a hit beauty product... and I'm not even using a Korean brand for the BB cream... hahaha!!!

Food... I have yet to find out. I haven't tried it. Sad to say, I have bff's that aren't adventurous in trying out different dishes :(

South Korea is one of my dream travel destination and I still have to work on that dream... heheheh

On the other hand... I could try bagging myself a Korean Boyfriend for the full effect hahaha... Inggit much with Kring Elenzano.

Korean Wave is really making big waves in terms of entertainment and technology and fashion... and all sorts. I wouldn't be surprised if a Korean song will top the Billboard charts. I hope to see more of the Korean Culture and maybe had a taste of it. Nice!

*I don't own the pictures posted :)

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