Feb 2, 2012

The "Authentic" Korean Food Experience at Ye Dang

I've never been to Korea so I would say the food is "Authentic" :))

So we visited Ye Dang at Meralco Avenue. Tin and I ordered Dolsot Bibimbap and Grill Sweet Beef Ribs. Korean daily servings has a minimum of five side dishes at doon pa lang busog ka na hehehehhe. The Beef was cooked inside their kitchen because it's our first time to try Korean food. But other customers, as I observe, they were cooking their beef on the table.
Side Dishes
The sweet potatoes are the best as well as the Sweet Anchovies or Dilis
Beef Ribs with the Side Dishes
Korean Beef Vegetable Wrap
Dolsot Bibimbap
This dish was served with freshly opened egg on the center. I forgot to take a picture because I started to dig in. :)) I've tried Kimchi but it's not as good as the one that I had on Ye Dang's side dish. Another thing is that the water they served smells like pandan! (I dont know the english of "pandan" sorry) It's not bad for the first timer in Korean Food.
Tin... satisfied
Haggard Much. 
The meal costs roughly a thousand (that's 2 Dolsot Bibimbap and Grilled Sweet Beef Ribs) and Tin and I are happy... Busog much! So freaking full! 
Sorry for the picture quality. I didn't have my camera with me :(

Oh well! I'll be occupied for the next few months. Gotta earn more moolah to fulfill my travel plans for this year so I'll be less and less in updating my blog. I'll probably be occupied with work on V-day. :( But I'll try my best :I

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