Feb 8, 2012

How To Spend Valentines Day... Singles Style ;p

Well... for the last couple of years I've been spending Vday without a love life. Sad to say my short, brief, little love story ended, I think 10 days shy of Christmas. That sucks you know... Oh well... you gotta make a decision and stand up for it.

But enough with all those mushy messy break up thingy. I am here to give you guys practical ways of celebrating your Valentines day A-L-O-N-E and Happy!

1. Have a date with your single friends. Spending time with them will ease up the pain (wow Big Word) and will make you feel less "Alone".

2. Dress up the part. Hello!!! You don't have the love life! And you don't have to let the whole world know, duh?! This is the time that we need to stop feeling pathetic just because others have and you don't?! Women out there who are blessed with a partner(s)--plural, if you like, will definitely glammed themselves up and be ready for all those flowers and chocolates... (and I guess discount cards will be overflowing in the metro... wahahahah) So why don't we pamper ourselves by dressing up and looking good. Because looking good will also make you feel good. Boost our morale! Uplift our spirits!

I think you should check MacBarbie's videos. Her style is more girly or preppy and Valentines day should make you feel girly OK! Oh I think I'll be trying one of her hairstyles.. :)

3. Don't buy yourself flowers! It's pathetic and so fake and so pretentious! It wont even make you feel better. To pretend that somebody out there made an effort to buy you one will probably be curious or be satisfy the people around you.

4. Make some money out of the occasion. Valentine's Day overflows with Red Roses and Cookies and Chocolates. You can use this day as a great opportunity to make some moolah... Haha! If no one's spending money for you then might as well make money out of it, right?

5. Share the love. Poverty is not really the biggest problem of our society. It's the lack of Love. Let's learn to love one another (and be less materialistic...) hihi. After all money cant buy everything, especially love. So spread the love... not the legs. (joke. peace.)

Bottomline is... with or without a love life...... be happy! 


  1. hahahhaha siyetttt!!!! hahahhaahaha nalaman mo na tuloy ung biggest darkest secret ko!!1 hahahahh

  2. dont worry mare... i guilty of the same thing back then but i was never caught :))


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