Feb 10, 2012

Please Help REILLY!!!

We appeal to your hearts to please spare time to read, share and help Ranee Kristine raise funds for the treatment of her son Reilly's stage 3 Osteosarcoma. Your support could mean miracles for them. Any donated amount will do.

My 9 y.o son is diagnosed with Stage 3 Osteosarcoma which is a common type of bone cancer and is most often seen in teenage boys and evidence shows that teens who are taller than average have an added risk for developing the disease.. He was diagnosed to have Osteosarcoma last December 10, 2011 and the attending doctors have told us that he needs to undergo series of tests, medical treatment, surgery and chemotherapy for his illness. 

He had undergone 4 chemo treatments and had stayed in the hospital for almost a month now, just imagine how high his hospital bills are. We need to raise at least 600k so he can finally go home this Saturday. I am appealing to your good hearts to help us raise the funds. Please pm or text me (0932-485-1646) should you wish to donate any amount. Your support would mean a lot in saving & extending the life of my son and I will forever be grateful.

Ranee was my office mate back 2009... please help.

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