Feb 6, 2012

Simply Red

Fierce... Rawr!!!
Red Nail Polish. Classy. Sexy. Elegant. This the new color I'm sporting lately. I've always felt red nail polish will make my hands and feet more darker but apparently it did not. I realized I just have to choose the right shade for me. I'm using Caronia in Simply Red and it's very cheap (P39 only). 

When I apply nail polish of whatever brand, I always make sure to put a base coat before the nail polish itself to avoid damage on my nails. With the brand that I'm using right now, I finish it off with a top coat to make more shinier because if your gonna use just the nail polish, after a few days it looses its luster.

I'm no pro when it comes to applying nail polish so pardon my nails... :) ☺


  1. ayun oh... hahaha.. pahiram nman ako nyan hehehe


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