Feb 21, 2012

Food: Vietnamese Dinner at Pho Hoa

I've been very busy and lazy these past few weeks. Just to give you an update I just had my early dinner at Pho Hoa--a Vietnamese Restaurant. I love vegetables so I love it! It was Tine's turn for the treat so free dinner for the night heheheh!!! Thanks Tine!

BTW, this was at Gateway Mall--She strategically chose this branch because it's near her place, amp! But anyway.... I think our next stop will be at a Hungarian Restaurant in Makati... and that's on me this time hahahahah!! Well see.... :))

The meal costs P1100 only--not bad for a pig out session. :)) 
Goi Cuon. P129

Goi Tom Buoi. 230

Salad Sauce.

I forgot the name sorry.

Com Thit Nuong Cha Gio. P225

Com Ga Nuong Gio


  1. hongsarap naman nyan! ikaw na mare! foodlover :)

  2. haha!!! try it mare... different kind of taste. obviously very oriental... but that depends if youre a vegetable love :)

  3. Yummy! Now I'm craving for vietnamese food! :)


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