Feb 25, 2012

The Vow... 2012's Romantic Movie of the Year!

OK... so this past few days had been very hectic for me. I get limited sleep and I'm always on the go for straight six days.

And so this is only now that "I remembered" I was able to  watch The Vow last Saturday. Whew... took me a week to post it...

Anyway... I've been itching to watch the movie since it premiered last February 10. Ought to watch it on Valentines day with friends but then we changed plans so come Feb 18 and we're on our way to Trinoma to do a last full show. (Unfortunately, the 9:30pm  slots we're already full so we just had some coffee to kill time.)

But then when we're about to buy tickets for the LFS, gosh! It's almost sold out. And we don't have a choice but to choose the front seat (literally!) But then that's OK. It's what I like about Trinoma's movie houses. Unlike SM... you'll have a serious headache if you're situated at the front.

About the Movie: I love it! I super, super Love it! I'm a sucker for romance! and I love Channing Tatum's sexy butt!!! hahahahha!!!... Jena Dewan's one lucky girl!... she gets to sleep with him... whahahaahahahha!!! Rachel Mc Adam and Channing's chemistry's really good... just like Brad Pitt and Angelina Joile's... (umh... I wish that their's will only be on screen. I like Channing with Jena better.)

No matter what other reviews will say, The Vow is part of my Best Romantic Flicks of All Time :)

Since Boyfriend's non-existent anymore, who would you better spend it with? Friends, right? :)) Jen and Baby and Baby's Boyfriend  were kind enough to spend the night with me... :)

The next day one of my girlfriend's inviting me to watch it again (I dont really mind hahaha)... and I texted other friends because the more the merrier... and guess what this guy friend replied back? 
The Vow ba yan? heheheh... (Is that The Vow? hehehe

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