Mar 31, 2012

Food Corner in Dapitan St.

Food Corner was one of my favorite merienda place back in college. They have the best pancit in U-Belt. And so after Mom was done with the lab tests, we headed here for her to try something new. Oh Boy! She wasn't disappointed. Pauwi na lang kami and she still gushing about the pancit she ordered

The place is still the same when I graduated back in '07. Hole in the wall, I should say. My goodness!!! Five years na pala ang lumipas! :)

The only changes I noticed were the chairs and tables as well as the lunch servings that they have now. I noticed there's some changes on their palabok recipe because back in college this was my fave order. 
Hole In The Wall Talaga!
The Menu
I think this is Miki Bihon
The Servings are Good For Two!
Palabok :( Not so Happy about this though...
Match it with Tinapayan's Pandesal... Winner Breakfast/Merienda :) 
Mom was eating Mcdo :))
Five Years ago the ceiling's like this--and it still is! :))
Lumeleveling! They have chairs with sandalan na... Before it's only stools lang :))
Food Corner can Do deliveries, If I'm Not Mistaken :)

I Recommend:
Pancit Bihon
Pancit Canton
Sweet Style Spaghetti
Miki Bihon

Food Corner
1601 Dapitan St. Sampaloc, Manila


  1. Ahm i just want to ask are you doing catering also and please kindly send me the fullname of the owner of this Food Corner Restaurant

    1. hi caucau! sorry idk the owner eh. :)


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