Mar 10, 2012

This Means War

What would you do if the past and the 'possible ' future meet up? Hahahahahah!!! and the ironic part was that the movie were watching... It's about two guys who's vying for the attention of one girl... 

And if that's not enough the 'F' on FDR's name was Frank... ahahahahahahahahhaha!!!!! Effing funny!!! Awkward talaga (para sa kanila) as in super... and syempre dun din sa guy na kasama ni girl because he doesn't know anything. I bet he thinks 'he' and the other 'he' are a bunch of  weirdos! I can see the look on his face! 

Anyway it was really good for me to go out and meet up. I mean.... this week was really hard and trying time for me and I don't want to elaborate myself. But then I've finally broken the ice and what happened earlier compensate for the tears I've cried. Really refreshing... even though it's at the expense of some friends.

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