Apr 13, 2012

The Eyebrow Diaries :)

Back in high school I was known for my mountain sharp eyebrows. It was jet black and so define that my classmates made a joke out of it. And so I learned how to shape it by shaving (I have low pain tolerance and so plucking or threading isn't my cup of tea.) Since then I stopped thinking of ways on how to improve my brows, thinking it was ok and good enough. Back then black eye brow pencil were so popular but then when I tried it, it only emphasizes my brows all the more.

Until I learned what eyebrow pencil can do. 

It was one of my office mates who made me think of lining my brows.  She introduced to me the brown brow pencil and I never looked back! hahahah!

It made my brows more define in a subtle way. You know? That awkward moment when a person first look at you and all they first notice is your brows its like 3D! hahahahha


It made a whole lot of difference:)
And I never Looked Back :)
Oh.... btw... I'm using Fashion 21 Eyeliner Pencil. I bought this at SM Department Store. I think this is available in drugstores and nearest beauty store like Watson's. It's very affordable. I think its not over Php150.

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