Apr 25, 2012

Lie to Me

What would you when one day your tongue is smarter than your head? This is the story of Ah Jung when she pretended that she's already married just to save face from a her "best friend" and because of assumptions and hearsay, she ended up being married to Ki Joon who's the owner of a 5 star Hotel. And so one lie leads to another.

I've been informed numerous of times that this rom-com drama is good. But because I was once able to read a not so positive review, I kept on pushing it until last week when I have nothing to watch. And I'm not disappointed. Yoon Eun Hye's star power is still strong, I should say. (And she's one of my favorite fashion icon. I didn't know you can actually pair a military jacket on a corporate outfit.)                  

I couldn't find the whole body picture of the outfit... sorry :p

She and Kang Ji Hwan has great chemistry. Kilig about the 'cola scene' and some other cute kilig stuff on the show. 

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