Apr 19, 2012

The Lucky One

Surely if Zac Efron's your leading man then you're definitely the lucky one! :)))

This is the story of an ex-Marine who found a picture in the middle of the war and treated it as his lucky charm. After his military career he tried to find the girl in the picture.

It's my first time to watch Zac Efron on a more mature film and I must say he's scorching hot. And his voice was so serious that it's completely different from his other movies like HSM or 17 Again. 

The whole story was very serious but very light as well. This movie was based on one of the best selling author, Nicholas Sparks. This movie is perfect for Sunday evening drama flick with popcorn and giant size soda. Just wish you wont need to pee in the middle of the film, ok?
the lucky one's... ;p
Joan and James dragged me to watch this movie and my friend Lei was mumbling about it for weeks. So I was glad that I did. Bonding time with old colleagues. 


  1. i will watch this film, thanks!

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  2. I've read the book, and can't wait to watch it!!

    Kaye Awatin


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