Apr 14, 2012

Oh Well...

Last Thursday I was at the hospital to do a late night check up. While waiting, I saw mommies and daddies walking around the lobby and cuddling up their babies. And it suddenly made me think of myself.

Earlier that morning I was Sykpe-ing with my friend in Canada. We were talking about getting married and having a family. Well... she's 32 I think, so she ought to be alarmed, hahahah!!! But then she told me that age 25 is still young... when you reach 27 and still loveless and not married, I ought to be worried, daw. Hahahahah!! of course my normal reaction is for me to laugh it off. But hen at the back of my mind that got me thinking.

And seeing more babies gave me a more different perspective than my usual. I must admit I'm not fond of kids and I hate babies when they're crying. But the one that I had earlier was totally different.

I always say "Age is just a number and being young is an attitude." (lakas maka  KC Concepcion hahahah) but then I have the body clock to think about, though.

Oh well... I haven't met the guy that will make my world stop and will make me drop everything (except God, of course!) for him.


  1. Yeah when it comes to the body clock, it's "advisable" to get married before the age of 30 so you could also get preggy before reaching 30.. (you know, the risks and everything) but it doesn't mean that you HAVE to rush on things. I know someone who's gonna get married to a man he barely knows (and see!) JUST BECAUSE she thinks she's matanda na (she's 33) and badly wants to start a family. Not a very good idea. Where is the LOVE? hehehe.

    So relax. You're right, someone will come, who will make your world stop and sweep you off your feet! =)

    1. haha!! early signs of old maid syndrome mare hahahaha!!! I gotta be honest... im a little insecure these past few days and lets face it... its normal once in a while hehehhe... 'that pathetic feeling' but im ok now...

      i cant have the best of both worlds... there are some areas of my life that are doing great and some arent and the love deprtment is one of them hahahahahahahha...

      yes, in a more sensible perspective its not wise to rush things... but im giving myself some time frame though... KELANGAN BY 30 ME BEBEKELLS NA AKO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. Though di ko na experience yung 'syndrome' na yan cos I got hitched a bit early, I understand... dami ko ding friends na napapaisip na sa mga ganyang bagay. Actually kahit ako gusto ko din before 30 sana may little K/P na kami. I'm turning 27 na this year.. madmai pang time. Hehe! At ikaw din syempre! ;-)

    3. Nabasa ko ulit tong post na to then i remember the great news you got that your preggers na... im excited for you mare. at least hindi ka aabot ng 30 bago ka magkabebekells. i wish you nothing but happiness and great health--for you and the baby and pao as well....

      goodness! na axcite tuloy ako para sa sarili ko... hahaha #chos! :)))))))))))))))


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