Jun 2, 2012

Rooftop Prince

This drama really made me laugh. 

I was scouting for some Korean drama's at soompi and so I saw Rooftop Prince's poster. I thought it was quirky and full of comedy. And I'm not mistaken! It was full of laugh. A Prince was from Joseon Dynasty transported to the future (2012) with his entourage. So imagine them reacting to the modern world. Hahahahahha!!! I was laughing so hard on their crazy mishaps. 

I don't really know the main leads and its my first time to watch them. But I love Micky Yoochun in this series. Yoo chun so gwapo... hihihihi

The female villain, Jung Yoomi is real good especially when she's guilty and being pushed to the wall. 

It's also nice to see Joo Won's Mom (Secret Garden) to act in a more silly way. She's a bad ass way back Secret Garden Day's. Btw I love how she looks a! She must be on her late 40's but she's one groovy lady. I suddenly wanted to be like her when 

I would give this drama a 5 star because there's no dull moment and I like the ending (despite other reviews). It's real cute. 
So different from the Secret Garden Days. I wanna get the same hair color though.
They thought elevators were dressing rooms :)))
Sena... so evil... very good actress (jung yoomi)
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