Apr 29, 2012

Satur-Date Night: The Avengers

I would've done this in one post but these pictures were not available until today lunchtime. So this was our Avengers escapade in SM Cinema in Megamall. I'd like to give all the credits to Jen who made the Avengers movie possible for me. Well... because I'm broke. As in flat broke. And I don't usually twist an arm and leg for a treat but I did! And Thank God for Jen... she made that possible with a treat!

My only regret is that we didn't take advantage of the Fierce stage. It would've been great.

Again, The Avengers is so sulit! I'd give it a 10,000 Stars for everything. I love it! Every second of it!
Thanks to E (baby's boyfriend) he was so patient taking pictures of us. He's one of the girls na nga e! hahahah!
The Lovebirds ♥♥♥
Baby's giving me the yuck candies... eww!!!
Us Before the Movie
This is me posing for a Cosmopolitan Event in the Entertainment Center in SM Megamall. It was so scorching hot here in the Philippines and so I left home wearing only a tube top. Wapakells kahit hindi ako makinis hahahaha!!!

Love these Girls ♥♥♥

Were actually sporting the same profile pic. 

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