Apr 25, 2012

Simply Irrersistible... and the segway :))))

I was flipping through the movies I've watched before when I came across this old 90's film called Simply Irresistible. I remember watching if with my cousin, Elle. We used to rent it in Video City back when VHS was still big and I would watch it over and over again at the comfort of my own home.

Oh well... I've already said it a couple of times now that I'm a sucker for romance... and magic. So movies like this made go back down the memory lane.

To be honest, the sole reason why I'm writing about this is because I really wanna watch The Avengers so bad but sad to say my pockets have been drained... emptied... so I don't have the moolah to watch it :((((((( I want a treat! treat! treat! treat! (kalowka!)

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