Apr 18, 2012

Watsons Repairing Treatment Wax in Honey

Dry. Damaged. Abused. Colored. That's the current state of my hair. I've been trying to find (affordable) products that will somehow will tame my frizzy hair and so I was happy when a friend gifted me this product. She said that it was on a promo. Buy one take one. And so she gave me the other half. :)

When I first tried it I used i saw immediate results. My hair is softer and best of all--it looked and feel tamed! Hahahahah!!! Sorry... It's just that I couldn't help but be amazed! Another thing I noticed was that when I tie my hair up it doesn't have body after I remove it. 

I still don't know the price yet but it's available in Watsons. I'll probably but a whole lot of these when I drop by.
nakakakalahati na ako :)
I read a blog saying that she only uses this once a week. But I do it everyday... Is it bad? I dont know if treatment wax is only on a once a week basis... :/ CAN SOMEBODY HELP?!!! 

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  1. hi i'm just researching the watsons brand treatment wax and came upon this post. it's $7.90 SGD currently, and still as good as ever!

    yes, you can use it regularly and often - with normal shampooing. the ones that are not meant for frequent use will have the directions written on the label "use 1-2 times per week" or something similar.

    if you've already gotten this info previously, then just ignore this comment :)


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