May 21, 2012

belated Happy Mother's Day Mama♥♥♥

I know it's way too late for this post but I just have to do it.

Being a mother is no easy task--especially raising someone like me. :))) But kidding aside, I'd like to say thank you to my Mama who stood by my side. We don't have the best relationship and we always fight especially when we're still living together. But now, as I look at her, I realized that she's not getting any younger (same with my daddy) so I try not to give her head ache or dominate her. 

She did great things for me--even now! I remember the day when I woke up from my delirious state and realized that my mama carried me from our room to the hallway. I was on my early teens when that happened. I also remembered the days when she would buy me my medicines in the middle of the night. I remember those days when she would cook my fave dishes. 

We don't have a perfect relationship. I cried myself to sleep in remembering all the hurtful words I said to her out of hate.  And still after a few days she would pack my lunch and wash my clothes and pickup my trash.

They say the only time you'll really realize how hard it is to be a mother is when you become one. And maybe that 'mother' thing is still a long way to go, but anytime could be the right time. And I guess for me it is now. 
*taken by Janeth Tingting
I may not learned my first word from her, but she taught me a lot of things that I know now. And she's still trying to knock some sense into my iron head and I just have to stop and swallow everything. But my Mama always have my best interest.

Though it's also my dream to have a kid of my own, I fear the day when my child would give the same treatment I gave my mom. Because somehow history repeats itself.

It's really hard to be a Mom. And yes, I believe my mom loves me unconditionally. Like no other. 

I always thank the Lord for blessing me parents like them.They're not the ideal one pero kung bibigyan ako ng Lord to live again and choose, I'd still choose them.

Oh btw, we did celebrated Mama Day with a cake :)


  1. hello carle, hope you are doing great. What a good job you are doing here. Keep it up and Have fun. Greetings to your mum too.


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