May 20, 2012

craving for some company

It's that time of the month (no, I'm not talking about being on red alert) when i get to crave for company. Normally, these girls are my shopping and coffee buddies for the last four years now. it's just amazing that we've gone to our separate ways and we still manage to keep in touch. We always have each other's backs and in times of need, each one of us are always quick to rush to their homes and comfort one another. (oh well... I couldn't say the say on my part. I hate--not really hate but i find their homes on the seven seas.... it's just so far! hahahah)
See? naka extra pa si Jollibee!!!!
And though this picture showed a lot of my flaws (my uber yuck pout and my mole size pimple) this is one of our best candid picture ever (oh well... thanks to photoshop for that quirky edits hahaha!)

Even though I promised myself that I'll be more wise in spending the little funds I have, I asked them to watch the Snow White and the Huntsman when it's already showing. And I hope.... just like our Avengers, it'll be as fun as ever.

or maybe this is just a symptom of not having a love life bwahahahahahahahha!!!!

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