May 28, 2012


This past few weeks I've been a woman on a mission and that is to spend wisely and save for the future. I've kept a big distance between me and the mall! (at kinaya ko naman...) 

And so last Saturday I wasn't able to resist it. Ending, I had a rare bonding with elementary friends. It was unplanned. I've just received a text asking if I was free and I said yes! (matapos ang mahabang patitiis! hahahha) So we headed to the not so newly opened Starbucks in Mindanao Avenue. And the Funny part was to find out that it was all our first time there! Hahahahah!!!! we were with Mara's hubby and baby Chloe and John Ray.
Me, Izza, Mara
Look at Izza's earrings... so shala! she got it from Mara for only Php 50. Bilis ng mata!
Us Girls with John Ray

I love the way we looked here kaya sya andito :))))
On the road Izza and I were talking saying that Mara is like the most fashionable elementary friend we have. And were not disappointed! Super fashionable pa rin! (nahiya kami ni Izza sa mga suot namin hehehehehhe) ♥♥♥


  1. OMG.. ngayon ko lang to nabasa.. Nahiya naman ako sa "fashionable".
    Antagal no na palang nagba-blog. :-)

    1. Hahahahha!!! totoo naman diba??? fashionable pa din! heheh yes... I think I started back in '07 pero di masyadong nabibigyan ng pansin cos i still dont have my own pc.... hehe


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