May 22, 2012

Nails of the Week: Baby Pink

Lately I've been sporting red nail polish so I didn't felt the need to do a blog post. Pero minsan nakakasawa rin so I tried this The Face Shop in PK101. I just hope that the nail polish would last because based on experience, the brand easily chips off. I would say the life span will only be like 2 days (on your mani) if you don't do any chores.

I always do my mani-pedi for three reasons.
1. It's Cheap. (Spending Php70 for a mani-pedi in a generic salon is too much. Haha! Kuripot mode lang.)
2. Manicuristas never fail to leave me with wounds which I loathe btw.
3. For Sanitary purposes. (I use my own tools)

How I miss Ellianto though :(

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