May 2, 2012

She Bangs! (The Haircut I Mean...)

For women who has taller foreheads has the universal remedy to it. And that is by putting bangs. There are a lot of ways to style your bangs whether it may be a side sweep or a full bangs. But each gives a different aura on our looks

And two of my favorite fashion bloggers are sporting the look. Camille Co and Andy Torres. And Can I just add, that these girls are both Mango It Girls. 
Camillle Co Courtesy of
Andy Torres of Style Scrapbook
I may not be tainted with Mango Royalty but I'm my parents "It Girl" you know? :))) At syempre magpapatalo ba naman ang lola nyo? Mga dalawang paligo lang ang lamang nila sakin no! HAhahahahahahahahah

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