Jun 17, 2012

Dear Daddy...

Dear Daddy, 
     I may have the foulest mouth you're lucky to get for a daughter, but I just want you to know that I'm so lucky to have you and Mama in my life despite the circumstances we're in right now. 
     I cry myself to sleep thinking what parents can do for their children. Every time I wake up, I always thank the Lord that I still have you in my life despite the dysfunctionality of our situation. If given a chance to live this life all over again I would still choose you as my parents. 
     Thank you for putting up with me for more than 25 years. I appreciate the fact that you still manage to cook for me and wake me up at night for work. I appreciate the fact that you never forget to pack lunch for me (kahit na umay na umay na ako sa hotdog at longganisa na pinapabaon mo sa akin. ☺)
     I understand that you will have bad days but nothing will ever change the fact that you're still my one and only daddy. 
     My wish is for you and Mama to live a longer life with us. I'm both happy and sad that as the days go by you're getting older and older. I'll try to spend equal time to both of you; eat lunch with you, sleep one weekend night with you and help you with the things around the house and most of all, be a daughter that I should be (which is a real challenge btw)
     Happy Father's Day Daddy! Mahal na mahal ka namen kahit hindi obvious :)))

with daddy :)

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