Jul 16, 2012

The Week That Was... :)

This week was crazy. Less sleep. More Activities. 

I started my Monday evening of course with work. Then come Friday I had to go renew my passport (finally!) and on top of that I still had to meet my brother for the tickets for his game. So upon going home I only spent less than 3 hours of sleep and off to work. Kalowka! I'd like to thank Sting (special mention) whom without it I wouldn't be able to survive the last night of shit. Haha!

So Saturday morning I rushed home just to sleep but of course I didn't. So ending, less than 2 hours was the only rest I could squeeze in. Then prep for Cady's 7th Birthday (and Janelle's too!) at Shakey's P. Tuazon. It's crazy!

I wanted to do the "Fashionably Late" but it looks like I was one of the first! hahahahah! I already had plans so I told her ( Janelle) that we'd be leaving at around 3pm for brother's opening game. And of course I didn't leave on time. I wanted my baby cousin (8 years old pero para sakin baby pa rin siya heheh) to participate the children's game and I still wanted to see our friends whom I haven't seen for a very long time so we left at 3.30pm.

After that walkathon in Araneta Center the rain poured. Good  thing we're already inside MRT. We reached Mall of Asia Arena at around 4.10 pm (the game's supposed to start at 4pm) just in time for the game to start.  Just like what Janeth had said, It was a Cardiac game. I almost thought FEU will loose their first game of the season. I love it when she bashes UST when Fortuna and Teng were like making shooting gestures. She's real funny.

Congratulations FEU Tamaraws!

And of course the night didn't end there. My brother treated us with dinner after game. So super pagod I could barely lift my hands... Tired but Happy :)

Gossip Girl daw! Whose Serena and Whose Blair Here? :)))

The Birthday Girl :))) Pretty Cady!

Whew! That was close!  http://instagram.com/p/ND3tJwEQDh/ 

FEU Cheering Squad
UAAP buddy Janeth. hahah I love her!

A Family Affair... Mom, Tutoy and Tita :)

With The Ever Beautiful Tricia

Syempre with the brother :)))

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